• Dr. Rick Miller

Learning to Blog

It's time for me to learn a new skill not directly related to dentistry. Today I begin to blog.

My goal is to offer you an opportunity to get to know me better, answer common questions and offer education on dental and health subjects related to a lifetime of smiles.

As some of you know I hired a coach to help me ascribe to excellence in all areas of my life. One area to focus on is health, so here I am at Lifetime with my trainer Aaron.

What's that got to do with dentistry?

Lets face it, after a long day, who feels like reading an article or going to a seminar? When I'm at my best physically, I do the things that need to be done more easily. My commitment to you has always been that I will never give you yesterday's dentistry. This is one of the things I can do to keep me at my best. A mantra from my coach " Be Great"!

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