• Dr. Rick Miller

Implant Seminar Success

Last month we had a wonderful Implant Seminar to share information on the wonderful option of Implants. The staff had a great time setting up and chatting with the attendees. It's amazing how quickly our little lobby filled up with chairs and then people.

The lobby looks so small with all these chairs, but we are ready!

I hope they like the wine, Vivian worked hard to get it all ready

Everyone was here to make our seminar night go smoothly, and of course to try to take these great photos to share

Almost show time, I think they are having too good a time!

All in all I think it was a great turn out and I feel like we can help a lot of people, I think I may even have improved my public speaking skills just a little bit more.

If you missed this seminar and want to attend our next one, Like us on Facebook and you will receive our next invite. Check our page when you can and see what's up! We love seeing you.

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