Cosmetic and Preventative Oral Surgery

Sometimes, trouble with your teeth, jawbone, or other part of your mouth require oral surgery to keep your mouth healthy or to prepare you for another procedure, such as dental implants. If you need to correct problems in your mouth, Dr. Rick Miller can help you today. We offer a variety of dental oral surgery options right here in our Dallas dental office to ensure you can get the dental care you need. You do not need to go to another dentist you don’t know for these procedures. Dr. Miller will take over ten times the amount of continuing education that the dental board requires. In a great deal of is advanced courses Dr. Miller is often one of the few general dentists taking this type of training, which is usually taken by dental specialists. This is why when our patients need more involved dental procedures they rarely need to go to an office that is unfamiliar to them.

Tooth Extractions

Sometimes it is not possible to save your teeth, especially if there is severe decay or a root canal infection is spreading. In these cases, Dr. Miller will extract your tooth carefully and painlessly. Once the tooth is extracted, you and Dr. Miller will be able to discuss tooth replacement options, including dental implants.

Dr. Miller is also able to remove your wisdom teeth in house. Typically we administer nitrous oxide for this procedure, but the type of sedation used will be determined by your condition and level of dental anxiety.

Sinus Lifts

When you need to have work performed on your teeth but do not have enough bone mass in your upper jaw, it may be necessary for Dr. Miller to perform a sinus lift. A sinus lift is a procedure that will add bone to the upper portion of your jaw where it has deteriorated from missing teeth or periodontal disease. The bone is added where the premolars and molars are present. The procedure is effective in adding bone to allow for the placement of dental implants, which would otherwise interfere with the sinuses.

Bone Grafting

A bone grafting procedure is performed when you need more bone in your jaw. The procedure is effective at stimulating regrowth of the bone in your lower jaw to allow for dental implants.

Once the dentist has identified where additional bone is needed, he will then implant the bone into the necessary places. With our sedation dentistry options, you will be relaxed throughout the procedure.

Dental Implant Surgery

If you are missing one or more teeth, we offer dental implants to replace the missing tooth. This permanent tooth replacement procedure is performed by surgically implanting a titanium post into your jawbone. The bone naturally begins fusing to the post, which acts as an anchor in your mouth for a dental restoration. Once the jawbone is healed, a crown, bridge, or dentures will be attached to the posts. These restorations are custom made to provide you with a comfortable fit and feel for your mouth.

If you do not have the bone required to support implants, we may be able to perform one of the above procedures to give you the bone you need. We also may recommend mini implants, which are less invasive and often do not require bone surgery.