In just a few minutes with our scanning technology you can see a digital preview of your new smile. Seeing is believing and believe me, you will love the difference.

"I always felt like wanting to correct my smile was just me being too self conscious, but then I saw my new smile on the screen and I realized what a game changer this would really be. I finished my Invisalign last month and all I can say is, thank you, I never would have believed what a difference it would make without my smile preview!" --Amanda G.

Did You Know....

Straight teeth, in their proper position, is more than just a pretty smile.

According to studies, proper tooth position leads to a cleaner, healthier mouth.

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Invisalign changed my life

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Gustavo came to Dr. Rick Miller with an infectious laugh and a larger than life personality. Despite these qualities and his extensive degrees and training, this energetic and intelligent family man lacked confidence. His drive to succeed seemed to lead to closed doors at every turn.

"I feel like my smile gives off a different view of who I am and what I am capable of, people see this goofy guy and just blow him off"

Fast forward one year and Gustavo has a whole new outlook on life to go with his new smile. We spoke with him by phone from his new home in Las Vegas.

Gustavo told us he has so much more confidence, that and his smile have opened doors. He is finally working at his potential as employers see him in a whole new light. Judged on his ability now, instead of as that guy with the goofy grin.

"I know that my job now and the opportunities I have here are only possible because I changed my smile for the better."

Where will a new smile take you?