Family Dentistry

When your family needs quality dental care, count on the team at Rick Miller, DDS. We offer a variety of family dentistry services to care for your entire family under one roof, from dental cleanings to cosmetic dentistry. Why waste time and money going to multiple dental offices when you and your children can receive care from the Dallas dental team you know and trust?

Family Dental Cleanings and Exams

When you and your family come into our office, you will each have an individual appointment with Dr. Miller. Whether we are caring for one person or five people, everyone receives the dentist’s undivided attention. During your appointment, necessary X-rays and pictures will be taken to determine the type of care needed. Our digital X-rays are safe for your family because they use 90 percent less radiation than traditional X-rays. They produce immediate pictures, meaning your family doesn’t have to waste time for film to develop.

At Rick Miller, DDS, we take the hassle out of dental appointments. You can schedule everyone to have a dental cleaning on the same day, or you can come back when it is convenient for you. We look forward to providing you and your family with the efficient yet high-quality family dentistry care you need.

Decay Prevention for the Family

One of the most important aspects of dentistry is decay prevention. If you do not maintain your teeth, you will end up with tooth decay, gum disease, and sometimes worse. It is important to follow the proper at-home care to ensure you and your family has healthy teeth and gums for life.

Rick Miller, DDS takes decay prevention seriously, and we will consult each member of your family to ensure everyone is properly brushing and flossing. When needed, we will teach you how to care for your teeth and gums properly to prevent decay.

In addition to our decay prevention consultations, we offer the following services:

● Fluoride treatments at home or in the office

● Tooth-colored fillings to fill and repair cavities

● Sealants to prevent your teeth from decay